Swimming Lessons

What does a session look like?

Upon arriving the first day, up to 10 min early, pull forward all the way in my driveway. Please enter pool building quietly as we may be teaching. We’ll want to meet each other and you’ll want to see the facility. Goggles are a must. Either bring your own or we have new goggles ($10) always on hand and will write swimmers name on strap and fit to his head.  Prepay for goggles as you register if you'd like. Beautiful shark rocks are all over the bottom of pool and they look like gems. This entices the kids to open their eyes underwater--we love to see their faces as they explore a whole new world!

When excused, as all parents are, please leave driveway. We have a smooth departure and arrival system and when all parties abide, it works well. Drop off up to ten minutes early and return up to 10 minutes after your swimmers' classes end. That's 65 minutes. (Ask us for list of grocery stores, parks, craft, shoe stores, etc. in the area). Know that your swimmer is safe, warm, focused and having fun! Your swimmer will not leave the bldg. without your permission. Feel free to give him time to get out, dry off, change into clothes (if desired) and pick out his shark rock. The driveway should then be clear and ready for you. If your swimmer needs help to dress, be sure to come back and help him. 

Parents are not invited to watch the lessons as the swimmers tend to swim better without you.

On the last day, for the last 30 minutes, we have parents day!! You get to watch your swimmer show off his skills. We’ll show you everything!! It’s so fun. You need to see what your child can now do in the water.