Swimming Lessons

Class Offered

  • Levels 1,2

    Always taught together. These beginner students must be 38” tall and 4 years old. Includes bobs, floats, glides (with kicks), and crawl stroke. Introduction to deep end of pool

  • Level 3

    Learning to swim in the deep end! Includes crawl stroke, backstroke, kneeling dives, treading water and underwater swimming.

  • Level 4

    Crawl stroke with side breathing, backstroke, first standing dive, frog kick, scissors kick, timed treading.

  • Level 5

    Endurance in crawl stroke, backstroke. Complete breast stroke, sidestroke. Dolphin kick, spring and racing dives, treading, underwater swimming.

  • Level 6

    Endurance crawl, back, breast and sidestrokes. Complete butterfly stroke. Feet-first surface dive, two different kicks with treading, underwater swimming.

  • Level 7

    Endurance and perfecting of all 5 strokes. Stride jump, flip turns, three min. tread--first min. w/o hands. Perfecting of dives and underwater swimming.

  • Level 8

    40 length lap swim, endurance, perfecting strokes. Pike and tuck surface dives. Underwater swimming, demonstrating skills to lower levels, and the "awe" of the other swimmers in class:)

  • Camp Stingray

    Any swim team member, (new or veteran) wishing for work on starts, turns, 4 strokes and the great workout. Great exercise and diligent swim team theme. Offered only during winter/spring season.