Swimming Lessons

What? Only 4 Lessons?

Great Question!

Honestly, that’s all we need here to teach each level. And it works!

Check us out—it’s not the typical long commitment of time.  And it's money well spent. We’re professionals. I’ve used my 40 years of teaching to tweak my curriculum. Your swimmer has been taught his entire level in the first two days of his session. That leaves a lot of time to practice and review.  Time and money are not wasted.  We usually accomplish much more here in only four classes. Our classes are inexpensive because more is usually achieved in a shorter amount of time.

Swimmers do not sit on side of pool or wait their turn.  I don't believe in that.  When we ask a class to front float, the entire class attempts a front float together. They stay busy. We give 100% to each and every lesson. The kids seem to love it and we’re told over and over that they want to know how many more “moons” until swim lessons again :) Swimmers wear their swimsuits underneath clothes to school, “show and tell” consists of shark rocks from Rhonda, even when home sick, swimmers are upset if they can’t come to swim that night.  We love these stories!

There’s time at the end of class for “free time” and each swimmer gets to pick out his favorite “shark rock” to take home—Very. Big. Deal.

Parent’s continue to leave amazed and some even “teary-eyed” on parents day—so happy and speechless at the progress. These kids astound even us every parent’s day. I’ve cried, too. It’s such a proud day for the swimmers and they look forward to their “recital”.

And we're honest and open.   Ask us anything at anytime.

With that (humbly, I hope) said, I make no guarantee on a child’s progress. Every swimmer is different and we celebrate each child’s ability, personality and progress. On the last day, each swimmer is given a card telling which level they are in so you know exactly where to place your swimmer in the next session.  We believe like skilled swimmers should be in the same class.   Most of the kids have no knowledge of trying to pass into the next level. We don't discuss this unless swimmers ask.   But levels are important so we know where to challenge and grow each swimmer. We have four year olds in level three! That's crazy good. We grow confidence here. Ability, not age.

We give tons of encouragement and praise, but it’s real, not artificial. Kids know the difference. When they do pass a level, it’s thrilling to see their smile and joy. They know they’ve earned it and it’s so thrilling for us, also. Our goal is to increase their water confidence which in turn opens the door for more skills and safety in the water. We can’t help it that this confidence spills over into their personal life. It’s not JUST swim lessons here.  Parents thank us over and over for NOT just teaching swim skills and safety--- the confidence built here flows into the rest of their lives.